Frequently asked questions

What is a Love Hotel?

A Love Hotel offers its guests rooms by the hour or by packs of hours so that you can enjoy with your partner with all the discretion and intimacy you are looking for. Discretion, elegance, and the most absolute privacy in the king size beds and the suites with hydromassage bathtubs. In short, contemporary love for couples or threesomes.

How is absolute discretion guaranteed?

In our hotel you will only be attended personally by the reception service, which will accompany you to your room. The hotel has a double entrance and exit door so that none of our clients meet at the reception, also providing, if the Client requires it, a reserved room at the same reception. We take care of every detail so that you remain anonymous throughout your stay.

The free parking at your disposal is located at a reasonable distance from the hotel, so discretion is guaranteed. The priority is to preserve the discretion of all our guests.

A discretion that adds a halo of emotion to the experience.

Is there a possibility of running into other people at the Hotel?

We guarantee absolute discretion. We have reservations at the same reception, and we accompany each client from the arrival at the hotel to their room, either at the entrance or at the exit to avoid meeting another guest in the lobby, the corridors or the reception.

How do the rooms work by the hour?

Our rooms are reserved by the hour, with no time limit. The first hour has an initial cost higher than the remaining hours, with rates designed to adapt to the different needs of our clients, which can be consulted on the rooms and rates

What is the 1.5h rate?

Always attentive to the suggestions and needs of our clients, we have a special rate for 1 hour and 1/2. In this way you can enjoy 1 long hour at your own pace without having to check the clock at any time.

How do the packs of hours work?

On Sunday to Thursday nights you have at your disposal a pack of hours designed to enjoy your privacy all night with rest included, leaving at the usual hotel time at 12pm. On Friday and Saturday nights, it has a pack designed for those who go out to enjoy the night and want to end with an intimate stay at the hotel, until the next day at 3:00 p.m.

What happens if I want to cancel the reservation?

The reservation does not entail any financial outlay. If twenty minutes have passed since the reservation time and you do not notify us, the reservation is released.

How can I make a reservation?

We accept reservations by phone because that way we can guarantee that you will have your accommodation at the time. In Contact and Reservations you will find the telephone numbers and the contact form. In inquiries by email or form, the response is received at the email address that you provide us.

Can I go without a reservation?

Of course. If there are rooms available, you can reserve the room at the same time you visit the hotel. From the hotel we encourage you to book in advance, even if it’s just a few minutes, especially if you plan to come during times or days of special influx.

Will any amount be charged to the card when making the reservation?

During the reservation process we do not ask for your credit card information. You must bear in mind that if you do not notify the reception of your delay, the reservation will expire 20 minutes after the reserved time and the room will be released.

Where can you park?

You have free parking a few meters from the hotel, to guarantee your discretion. A map with the location of the hotel and the parking is available on the hotel location page.

Is it possible to book a room for three people?

Yes, you can book a room by the hour or with one of our packs for 3 people.

Does the hotel have room service?

The menu, like every detail in our Love Hotels, has been created with the smallest detail in mind, offering a selection of bar service and snacks, whether alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, sandwiches and packaged snacks to prevent tampering and guarantee its quality.

What if you just want to sleep?

Our beds are very comfortable, and each couple decides what they do in them.

Who are the clients of Hotel Betrés?

Any couple who wants to see their fantasies fulfilled and who thinks of renting a room or apartment by the hour, will find in our Love Hotel by the hour the perfect establishment to satisfy their desires in an intimate and discreet atmosphere.

Are there other SuperLoveHotels like this one?

There are other SuperLoveHotels in Barcelona, ​​all with their own style and personality.

What are the hotel hours?

The Hotel Betrés or Hotel Breda as it is popularly known is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can I wait for my partner inside the hotel?

Yes, of course. You can wait in the same room, and thus play with the lighting, music and whatever makes your imagination fly, preparing the best environment for the meeting.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us by calling

93 321 8090

and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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